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IPXO IP Data Intelligence

Designed to provide clear, comprehensive insights, thereby promoting transparency in internet operations and resource management. By simply entering an IP address, a subnet, or an AS number, you can instantly access essential data, including RPKI, BGP routing details, geolocation, and WHOIS records.

Search IP Address / Subnet / AS Number


Check Your IP Reputation

Ensure your network security and reliability with our latest complimentary feature. Effortlessly scan up to a /23 subnet (512 IPs) once a month for free and receive a comprehensive overview of your IPs’ reputation.

  • Number of IPs in blocklists
  • Clean vs. Blocked IPs
  • Blocked IPs by country

AWS BYOIP: Maximize Savings with IPXO

Avoid the newly implemented $0.005 fee entirely by leasing IPs from IPXO Marketplace and bringing them to Amazon to use for free!

  • Long-term lease contracts at customized prices
  • Step-by-step setup guide
  • No RIR membership required

Get Full Overview & Control of Your IPs

Centrally control and observe of all your IPs and easily onboard new people.

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Assure Security, Reputation & Service Continuity

Maintain your IP reputation, monitor business risks, and implement best market practices.

Utilize novel business models by monetizing your unused IPs or acquiring them for growth.

  • LEASE vs BUY
  • LEASE vs BUY
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    Rent or Lease IPs at Fair Price

    We connect IP holders and lesseeses, ensuring transparency, mutual trust, and contributing to value creation.

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    How Can IPXO Help You?

    The most advanced IP management infrastructure and the aim to contribute to the industry-level changes, regarding compliance, security and governance.

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    Centralization and Unification

    Centrally managing and orchestrating all IPs on one platform
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    Strict adherence to registrar rules to guarantee IP reputation.
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    Business Value

    We optimize the management of IPs to unlock new growth opportunities.

    Hear the Clients Speak

    Read the latest reviews from our clients

    equinix logo

    As customers scale, we often encourage them to invest in their own IP space as a flexible tool in their hybrid multicloud toolbox. As an established provider, IPXO brings a combination of trust, choice and technology that helps make a normally confusing process more seamless.

    Jacob Smith

    Bare Metal Marketing & Strategy, Equinix

    hivelocity logo

    Hivelocity and IPXO’s combined services allow customers to deploy IP addresses and compute on-demand all over the world, which enables customers to execute their business plans quickly and with less upfront capital.

    Richard Nicholas

    SVP, Strategy, Hivelocity

    Hilco logo

    IPv4.Global and IPXO are best-in-class providers for all your IPv4 needs. Having the combined team representing clients will give them the necessary tools to stay on top of the market whether they are a buyer, seller, lessor or lessee of IPv4 addresses.

    Jack Hazan

    Executive Vice President, Hilco Streambank

    IP Trading logo

    IPTrading and IPXO are second to none in their combined experience and expertise in brokering IPv4 sales, purchases and leases for their clients around the globe.

    Tom Fantacone

    Vice President, IPTrading

    Serious data analytics observing IP Address Management Platform at the laptop

    What Makes Us Different?

    We go beyond product development and IP address marketplace – we see the bigger picture of IPAM and aim to fill the gaps in IP address lifecycle. We drive thought leadership in governance, establishing collaborative industry practices, and offering a IPAM platform based on them.

  • DATA
  • DATA
  • Colleagues talking about IP Address Management and IP Marketplace at the office


    We Aim to Reduce the Fragmentation in IP Space

    The acquisition and management of IP addresses currently require numerous platforms and tools. At IPXO, we work tirelessly to minimize confusion in IP governance and promote interoperability amongst providers, advocating for a new standard in IP.

    Certified and Accredited Provider
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    IPXO Experience

    We aim to develop products that reflect our core beliefs, such as the quest for IP address market transparency, democratized governance practices, and collaboration.

    IP Address Management Illustration

    Consultancy and Guidance

    Leveraging IP-related data to navigate our clients through the IP space and find the best-tailored solutions

    IP Address Management Platform Illustration


    Providing seamless integration of our products, services and data sources to build a single platform for all needs

    IP Address Management Platform Illustration


    Contributing to open innovation by involving the community, initiating discussion and thought leadership

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    IPXO Intelligence Hub

    The search for unified source of truth in IPAM space begins here. We share our insights, market news, and expose current inefficiencies to drive change and ensure optimization and centralization.