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14 September 2023   •   IPv4 for Business

Opinion: AWS Sets the ROI Benchmark for IP Addresses

Explore the significance of Amazon Web Service's new IPv4 pricing model - a paradigm shift in IP address leasing rates.

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Reverse DNS enables translating IP addresses into memorable domain names.
2 May 2022   •   IP Leasing, Product Updates

IPXO Introduces Reverse DNS Delegation Automation and Management 

Discover how IPXO's automated rDNS delegation feature provides clients with more control over IP resources.

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IPXO welcomes APNIC IP holders to the IPXO Marketplace.
30 March 2022   •   IP Leasing, IP Monetization, Product Updates

Newest IPXO Feature Release Enables Adding APNIC Subnets 

IPXO clients can start monetizing IP addresses from APNIC via the IPXO Marketplace.

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A laptop surrounded by hosting servers.
8 February 2022   •   IP Leasing, IPv4 for Business

How IPXO Helps Hosting Companies Mitigate IPv4 Exhaustion

IPv4 exhaustion negatively affects the hosting industry. Why do hosting companies need IPv4 addresses? How do they cope with IPv4 exhaustion? What solutions are available? Continue reading to learn…

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IPv4 is a commodity

Are IPv4 Addresses a Commodity?

Do IPv4 addresses deserve the commodity status? Will IPv4 addresses remain a commodity in the future? Continue reading to learn all about it.

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Statistic columns with different IPv4 prices around.
8 October 2021   •   IP Leasing, IP Monetization, IPv4 Market Overview

IPv4 Price History

IPv4 sale and lease market prices change constantly. Take a closer look at how these prices changed throughout the years, what impacted these changes and what we can expect…

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A person looking at a scale deciding whether to lease or buy IPv4.
13 November 2020   •   IP Leasing, IPv4 Market Overview

Leasing vs. Buying IP Addresses

As IPv4 prices are skyrocketing, and fewer resources are available, more and more companies face the question of whether they should buy IPv4 or lease IPv4 instead.

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