December 22, 2021



  • IPXO Portal mobile integration: The IPXO Portal was adapted for mobile users, who can now enjoy the Marketplace via their mobile devices much more conveniently.
  • Email address verification expiration: The recipients of the email address verification email during the registration have 24 hours to click the link and complete the verification. The link expires in 24 hours.
  • Invitation to join a Company link expiration: From now on, the set link expiration time is 7 days. The link expires immediately when a registered user clicks the link to accept the invitation. However, a new user can click the link multiple times within 7 days or until they create an account.

My Account

  • Settings > Companies: The company profiles are now introduced as cards to ensure that they are conveniently accessible on devices with different resolutions.

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My Monetized IPs

  • Earnings > Payout Summary: The Payout Summary is now introduced linearly instead of columns to enhance the visualization of the data.
  • Payments Confirmations: A new Payments Confirmations feature was introduced. It offers PDF files that summarize all payout invoices and deductions for a period that ends when a payout is completed. Use the Payments Confirmation table to access information about the completed payout (Payment confirmation ID, Payout method, Date, Transaction ID, Transaction fee, Amount).


  • Emails: Bug fix related to some emails presenting the wrong link to the IPXO Portal
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