December 7, 2022


My Resources

My Leased IPs 

  • Assign subnet template: The template was updated to include a Help Desk link so that IP lessees could easily open a ticket should they need additional information.   

My Monetized IPs 

  • Quarantined Subnets: A new tab was introduced in the My Monetized IPs menu to list quarantined Subnets, Duration in quarantine as well as ROA Validation and BGP Validation statuses. Once monetized subnets are terminated, we perform scans to check if both ROA Validation and BGP Validation statuses are valid and if the subnet can go back on the Marketplace. If both or one of the statuses is invalid, the subnet is quarantined until the issue is resolved: The subnet does not have valid RPKI records and is no longer announced by the previous lessee. We perform scans regularly to ensure that the subnet can be put back on the Marketplace as soon as issues are resolved. 
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