February 22, 2022



  • Additional email after failed automated invoice payment: The Company receives an email on three occasions if an invoice cannot be automatically charged – 2 days before the invoice payment due date, 1 day before the invoice payment due date, the day of the invoice payment due date.
    As per IPXO Terms of Service, the services are permanently terminated the day after the overdue payment.


  • Look for offers: Columns Subnet price range and Average monthly price were replaced with columns Subnet Monthly price starts from and IP Monthly price starts from to better indicate the lowest lease prices available.

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My Leased IPs

  • Main list > Status: Subnets with the End of the billing cycle status (pending termination) now have the Cancel Termination option in the action menu to make it easier to cancel the termination.

My Monetized IPs

  • Earnings > Payout Summary: From now on, the summary lists the Last payout date (shown if the company has at least one completed payout) and the Next payout date (shown if the company has unpaid status payouts and the minimal amount is reached).


  • Credit Balance: A bug fix related to the overall Credit Balance sum not changing once an unpaid invoice is paid with Credit Balance.
  • Marketplace > Advanced filters > Country: Bug fix related to the distorted use of the Country field in the Advanced Search.
  • Marketplace > Order Review > Checkout: Bug fix related to multiple duplicate payments in Stripe and failed payment authentication with 3D Secure Cards.
  • My account > Billing > Payment & Payout Methods: Bug fix related to the Beneficiary name validation field preventing the use of non-Latin letters.
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