February 7, 2022



  • Delisted subnet email: When a subnet is delisted from the Marketplace, and the subnet’s status changes from Active to Invalid, the IP holder receives an email.
  • Returned subnet email: When a subnet is returned to the Marketplace after being delisted due to an Invalid status, and the subnet’s status changes back to Active, the IP holder receives an email.
  • Add Company notification on mobile: If a Marketplace user does not have a company, they are introduced to the Add company details and get full marketplace access notification on mobile indicating why they cannot search for subnets in the Marketplace.

My Account

  • Billing > Invoice: The invoice description was updated to better describe all services. The descriptions now detail whether the customer paid for LoA, Subnets or Custom Services.
  • Billing > Payment & Payout Methods > Payment Methods: PayPal was fully integrated as a payment method, and customers can add credits and pay invoices via PayPal.

My Resources

My Monetized IPs

  • Subnets > Subnet Details: LoA-A (Letter of Authorization Assignment) has been integrated as a subnet validation check. That means that the subnet cannot become active unless LoA-A is signed and other validations are valid.
  • Earnings: The invoice logic was improved. As a result, the customer receives one Payout invoice per month for all leased subnets, instead of separate invoices for every subnet. The Payouts table now shows invoices instead of subnets. To view invoice Details, click the Invoice Number in the Payouts table.


  • Display resolution: Bug fix related to the display resolutions in Marketplace and My Resources > My Leased IPs > Subnet Details pages.
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