January 18, 2022



  • Filter: Desktop and mobile users can now use the Filter button to effectively filter values (e.g., when searching for subnets to lease). This replaces the previously implemented automatic filtering to offer a more convenient experience for both desktop and mobile users.
  • New company email: When a new company is created, an email is sent to the company’s email address.
  • Improved header on mobile: Mobile users can find a new header with access to a Company list (when multiple companies exist) and Credit Balance.
  • Registration flow: The registration flow was updated with a progress bar to indicate which step the customer is at and which step will follow next.

Monetize IPs

  • AFRINIC and LACNIC subnets: IPXO Marketplace users can now add AFRINIC and LACNIC subnets. You can learn how to prepare AFRINIC and LACNIC subnets before adding them to the Marketplace using our Knowledge Base guides.
  • Reservation ID: When IP holders turn the Hide from Marketplace function on, a unique Reservation ID is generated for the subnet. You can find it in My Monetized IPs > Subnet > Overview. If the hidden subnet has the active status and is not leased, it can be found on the Marketplace using the Reservation ID. Note that IP holders can re-generate Reservations IDs.

My Resources

My Monetized IPs

  • Earnings > Payout cycle: The Payout Summary information in the Earnings tab now shows the chosen Payout cycle below the chosen Payout method.
  • Set up payment methodnotification: When a Payout method is not added, a notification asking to Set up a payment method shows up.


  • Assign subnet on ASN error: Bug fix related to an error in the Order review page when paying for the subnet assignment (LoA) due to too many characters in the Additional information field.
  • Marketplace > Order Details: Bug fix related to the purchased subnet information shown after a successful 3D payment.
  • My Resources (IPAM) > My Monetized IPs > Payment Confirmations: Bug fix related to the wrong sum shown in the Amount column within the Payment Confirmations list.
  • My Resources (IPAM) > My Monetized IPs > Payment Confirmations PDF: Bug fix related to the wrong sum shown in the Payment Confirmations PDF(s) because the transaction fee was not deducted.
  • Registration: A bug fix related to auto-fill in Phone number and Password fields during the registration. The fields are no longer filled automatically, but suggestions are offered on an input click.
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