July 19, 2023


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  • The termination of subnets has been updated from immediate termination to a termination request. Going forward, clients will no longer have the ability to terminate subnets immediately; instead, they can request this type of termination. Please read more here. 
  • When assigning an ASN to a leased subnet, users can choose to create WHOIS inetnum objects on RIPE and ARIN. This enhances WHOIS accuracy, as it displays the actual lessee’s information instead of the IPXO name. Users can decide to expose or keep their company details private. By default, the checkbox is selected to create WHOIS inetnum with private company details. Opting out of this feature will prevent inetnum creation. 

Settings > Companies

  • Company creation: Only Lattin letters, numbers, and symbols .()[],’_”/@&!*+-, are available for company name. The existing companies’ data is not changed, unless you want to update company information, then you have to change the company name as required. 
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