June 6, 2022



  • BGP Parking and monitoring: We have implemented BGP to ensure a higher level of security against subnet hijacking. From now on, subnets added to the IPXO Marketplace are announced from the IPXO’s ASN (AS834).  
  • IP reputation validation: The IP reputation validator was updated to scan subnets once they are resubmitted for the Marketplace. This guarantees that a cleaned subnet can be added to the platform and then leased.  

My Account

  • Billing > Invoices: From now on, it is possible to sort invoices by Due date, Status and Expenses

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My Monetized IPs 

  • Deductions: As per IPXO Terms of Service, IP holders are subject to deductions if the terms are breached. Go to Deductions to access pending/completed/canceled deductions as well as deduction credit invoices. Note that completed deduction credit invoices will be included in the final payment confirmation. 
  • Subnet Details > IP Reputation: The IP Reputation tab is accessible to clients only if the Initial IP reputation check status is invalid. 

My Leased IPs 

  • Subnet Details > Reverse DNS Records > Rejected notification: If it is not possible to create an rDNS record for a subnet, the following notification pops up: “DNS record creation is not possible for this subnet. Please contact the support.” 
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