June 8, 2023 



Settings > Company > Add new

  • Additional validation for the “City” field: Previously, when creating a new company, address fields allowed free text and numbers, enabling users to input any content they desired. However, to improve data quality, we now enforce specific validation rules for the “City” field. With this update, only Latin characters are permitted, meaning that users can no longer include numbers in the city name (e.g., entries like “5 Arkansas” will be rejected, but users can still represent numbers using letter symbols, as in “Five Arkansas”). By implementing this validation, we aim to maintain a standardized and consistent database while allowing flexibility for users to express city names using letter symbols. 


  • The pricing filter: We have resolved a bug that was affecting the filtering functionality in the Marketplace when specifying minimum and maximum pricing. The necessary adjustments were made to ensure that the list is accurately filtered by the exact price range specified, providing a more reliable and consistent user experience. 
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