March 15, 2023



  • New status for companies: If a company’s account is suspended because of payment delays or abusive behavior, their status will be updated to Suspended’ to notify them about the change. Having this status, the company won’t be able to buy new subnets or assign leased subnets to ASNs.  
  • Heficed logins are now removed: As of mid-March, users are no longer able to access their accounts through external Heficed login and instead need to log in to the IPXO Portal using their email address and a new password. 

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  • New sorting: The users are now allowed to sort their subnets by the Termination date. 


  • Marketplace: Previously, if a user’s authorization token expired after 24 hours and they were logged out of the Marketplace, errors would occur. These errors have since been resolved. 
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