March 16, 2022



  • Service and invoice termination: In the event that the client does not pay an unpaid invoice, the service is terminated the following day. From now on, the invoice is automatically cancelled to ensure that the client does not pay for terminated services.

My Account

  • Settings > Companies > Add New Company > Getting Started > Lease IPs: If the client chooses to Lease IPs during the creation of a new company, they are redirected to the Compliance form after filling in the company information. This ensures that the client does not forget to fill in important information before they start leasing.

My Resources

My Monetized IPs

  • Subnets > RIR filter: From now on, clients can filter monetized IPs by RIR.


  • Log out error: Bug fixed related to a 401 error: Unauthorized appearing when the user logs out of the IPXO website.
  • My Resources > My Monetized IPs > Earnings: Bug fix related to terminated subnets not being included in the Payouts.
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