March 8, 2022



  • Russia’s removal from registration: Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have removed Russia from the registration form. As a result, users from Russia cannot create IPXO accounts.


  • Look for offers: The alignment of prices in Subnet Monthly price starts from and IP Monthly price starts from columns was centered.

Monetize IPs

  • Add IPs to the Marketplace > Import > Added subnet (-s): When an IP holder uploads subnets to the Marketplace, the RIR of the subnet is identified in the Import step.
  • Add IPs to the Marketplace > Setup > Subnet expiration: A new note has been added to the Subnet expiration field to explain why 24 months is set as the default expiration term. It is clarified that the likelihood of a lessee leasing IPs increases as most lessees intend to lease for a minimum lease term of 12 months.

My Resources

My Monetized IPs

  • Subnet > Subnet Details: The Subnet setup list now includes a link to the What Is a Reservation ID and What Does Hidden Mean? Knowledge Base article. This article explains how the Reservation ID feature works and how customers can use it to their own benefit.


  • Marketplace > Order Review > Order Summary: Bug fix related to PayPal disappearing as a payment option after refreshing the Order Review page with the Order Summary details.
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