May 2, 2022



  • rDNS: The newly introduced rDNS feature alleviates the management of PTR records. Go to My Resources (IPAM) > My Leased IPs to access the feature and go over the How To Manage PTR Records for Your Leased Subnets guide to learn how to manage PTR records. 
  • My Waiting List: This new feature enables customers who are not able to find specific subnets in the Marketplace to submit a subnet request form. Once the request is added to the waiting list, the IPXO Sales team takes over to manage active requests. 
  • Email notification to IP lessees about the subnet expiration date: From now on, additional email notifications are sent to lessees regarding the expiration of their leased subnets. The notifications are sent twice – 30 and 5 days before the subnet expiration date. 
  • Email notification about successful payments: From now on, an additional email notification is sent regarding a successful invoice payment. 

My Account

  • Settings > Companies > Add New: The company creation process was split into three easy-to-follow steps – Getting Started, Company Information and Company Address. A new Social media URL field was also added to the Company Information step. 

My Resources

My Monetized IPs

  • Earnings: If the minimum payout sum is not reached, the next payout date is not listed under Unpaid Balance. If the minimum payout sum is reached and unpaid payouts exist, the next payout date is revealed.  
  • Initial IP reputation check: If the check is invalid, the Check where IPs are blocked link leading to the IP Reputation menu appears.  
  • Payments Confirmations: The most recent entries appear sorted by Date


  • Marketplace: Bug fix related to RIR selections duplicating in the search results window. 
  • Marketplace: Bug fix related to search results appearing not by chosen Location
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