May 20, 2022



  • 7 days left before your payment’s due date: A new email was set up to inform clients that their payments are due in 7 days. This email is sent only to clients whose invoices have the UNPAID status. 
  • Auto-payment for your invoice # failed: A previously sent email regarding a failed payment was improved to include the invoice number and the list of subnets related to the invoice. 
  • Payment successful: A previously sent email regarding successful payments was improved to include the list of subnets for which the payment was made.  
  • Your new invoice: A previously sent email regarding a newly created invoice was improved to include the list of subnets and information regarding auto-charge, service termination and IPXO Terms of Service.  
  • Your services were terminated: A new email is sent to IP lessees to inform that their services were terminated. 


  • Kayako > Freshdesk: The ticketing system on the IPXO Portal has been replaced with Freshdesk, including the Freshdesk widget, Freshdesk helpdesk and Freshdesk live chat
  • My Waiting List > Add Subnets > Subnet request form: The Subnet request form has been improved to clarify that the Max price per IP field requires entering the price per IP address. The Max price per subnet field was added to show the automatically calculated subnet price based on the set price per IP. Option All was removed from RIR, Billing Cycle and Commitment time fields to help the client request a more specific subnet. 
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