October 25, 2021



  • IP Holder now receives emails when:
    • The subnet is listed successfully in the Marketplace
    • The subnet is leased
    • The subnet is returned after the lease
  • My Account > Integrations: New menu provides access to the IPXO API documentation.

My Account

Profile > Security > Change password: New flow helps create a password for users who register via Heficed or Google and wish to log in using email and password.

My Resources

My Monetized IPs

  • New option to export the subnet list to a CSV file.
  • Earnings: Payout calculation logic was implemented, and invoices are generated for every payout. Learn more about payout calculation here.
  • Subnet Details: Improved design of the LOA-A status.

My Leased IPs

  • New option to export the subnet list to a CSV file.
  • Subnet termination request: New subnet termination options have been added to the subnet termination form – End of the billing cycle and Immediately. The End of billing cycle termination option allows planning the termination of the service according to the Billing Cycle. It is possible to Cancel this termination option before the subnet is fully terminated.


  • My Account > Billing > Invoices: Bug fix related to invoice duplicates for some companies.
  • My Account > Payment & Payout Methods: Bug fix related to the Credit Balance update immediately after purchase.
  • My Account > Users: Bug fix related to users’ list rendering and not displaying.
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