September 13, 2022



  • Main menu: The Utilities section has been removed from the main menu at the top. 
  • RPKI Management: IP holders can now delegate RPKI to IPXO with an easy self-service access! 

My Resources

My Leased IPs 

  • Subnet > Subnet Details > RPKI Status: From now on, in the Subnet Details menu, you can click Check Status and check the subnet’s RPKI status at  

My Monetized IPs 

  • Event Log (Subnet > Event Log): IP lessors can access the Event Log menu to view the activity related to their IP assets within the Marketplace, including Leased and Returned events or subnet price changes.  
  • RPKI Management: The new self-service for RPKI Management enables IP lessors to check the RPKI status of their subnets and initiate RPKI delegation to IPXO
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