September 29, 2021


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My Monetized IPs

  • Subnet list > Run Rate. Calculated Run Rate of the entire subnet. Run Rate is the system-calculated projected payout amount if the subnet, or part of it, was leased for the entire month. The start day or whether the lease might be terminated in the future by the client is not considered.
  • Subnet list > Run Rate/IP. Calculated Run Rate per IP.
  • Subnet overview. Edit Subnet by changing the main settings like split size, expiration period, auto-renewal, hide from the marketplace and pricing. The capacity to change settings depends on whether or not the subnet, or part of it, is leased.
  • Payout methods. PayPal was added as a new payout method.

My Account

Billing > Payment & Payout Methods > Payouts Methods. PayPal was added as a new payout method.


Payment deduction bug fixed. Once payment is made using Credit Balance, the amount is deducted immediately without refreshing the page.

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