DNS Management

Take control of your domain with IPXO’s DNS management tools.

Managing DNS
Bulk DNS Record Upload

Bulk DNS record upload

Save precious time by uploading your DNS records in bulk. Enjoy a simple user interface that allows you to upload as many records as you want when you transfer, host or manage your domains. With IPXO, you don’t need to add DNS records manually one by one because the process is fully automated.


Nameserver delegation

Experience the freedom to delegate nameservers on any infrastructure. Whether you choose IPXO or an external infrastructure, we are here to support you fully in DNS delegation. We implement automation to ensure that you can take care of your nameserver delegation on your own, at any time you want. 


rDNS management

You are completely free to manage and assign reverse DNS records to any nameserver. Employ easy-to-use IPXO’s DNS management tools to handle, transfer and add domains to the available infrastructures effortlessly. Take control of rDNS management and make sure that your websites are always accessible.