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Managed Service Providers
Empower Your Clients to Reach Their Goals & Move Forward

Harness the power of IP leasing to provide efficient and reliable services to your global clients at scale. Join IPXO and reap the benefits of ever growing IPv4 address pool, multi-tenancy, professional abuse management and so much more. 

    IPXO for Managed Service Providers 

    Bring your turn-key infrastructure to clients worldwide!

    Your one-stop-shop for all your IPv4 resource needs

    We understand the intricacies of the MSP industry and we are geared to support you in delivering top-notch services.

    • Low upfront IPv4 lease costs
    • Subnets from all Regional Internet Registries and various global geolocations 
    • Multi-tenancy that enables you to manage multiple projects with ease
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    Enjoy fully integrated abuse management and WHOIS updates

    With IPXO, you do not need to worry about leasing blocklisted IPs or managing WHOIS information. 

    • Subnet validation checks during registration and 24/7 IP reputation monitoring during the lease period 
    • Professional IP abuse mitigation supported by a dedicated Abuse Prevention team
    • WHOIS updates

    Discover the amazing value that IP leasing brings to Managed Service Providers 

    Are you new to IP leasing? IPXO’s fully automated and intuitive API ensures that you can become a pro in just a few days! 

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    Leasing IP addresses is a more attractive and realistic choice than buying them, and we see IPXO as the ideal partner to support Absam’s growth.
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    Top IPXO benefits for Absam

    • IPs from all 5 RIRs
    • Instant provisioning
    • Low upfront costs
    • Abuse mitigation and Geolocation management 

    Getting started is easy

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