26 April 2022 | 2 min read

How To Manage PTR Records for Your Leased Subnets

A step-by-step guide on how to set up PTR records for leased subnets. 

Follow the straightforward instructions below if you need to manage PTR records, also known as Pointer records, for your leased subnets. 

Step 1: Manage PTR records 

Log in to the IPXO Portal and then navigate to My Resources (IPAM) -> My Leased IPs. Select the subnet, whose PTR records you want to manage.

Subnet highlighted in IPXO Portal's My Leased IPs menu.
Subnet in IPXO’s My Leased IPs menu

Open the Reverse DNS Records menu. 

Reverse DNS Records menu tab highlighted in the IPXO Portal.
Reverse DNS Records menu

Step 2: Add PTR records 

You can add PTR records in two ways: 

Both steps provide the same results; however, if you need to add many PTR records, it is more convenient to use the Bulk Upload option. 

Step 2A: Add a single PTR record 

To add PTR records one by one, click the Create record button. 

Create record button in the IPXO Reverse DNS Records menu.
Create record button

Fill in the Create record form by providing the IP address, Content and TTL and then click Save.

An example of how to create a single PTR record in the IPXO Portal.
How to fill information when creating the PTR record

Note: Only successfully added PTR records will be visible in the menu. 

An example of a successfully created PTR record in the IPXO Portal.
Successfully created PTR record

Step 2B: Bulk add PTR records 

To upload multiple PTR records at once, click Bulk Upload

Note: Currently, Bulk Upload works for single subnets. For example, if you need to add PTR records for and subnets, you need to prepare 2 separate files. The file needs to be in JSON format.

Bulk Upload button highlighted in the IPXO Reverse DNS Records menu.
Bulk Upload button

Once, you have the file prepared, click Select & Upload File.  

Note: Make sure that the file is saved in JSON format. Keep in mind that only successfully uploaded PTR records will be visible in the menu. 

Step 3: Modify/Delete existing PTR records 

If you wish to modify any of the existing PTR records, you can either update them one by one (click the desired record and then click Edit) or by creating a new PTR record(-s) (click Create record or Bulk Upload). 

Edit button linked to a PTR record in the IPXO's Reverse DNS Records menu.
Edit PTR record button

To delete unwanted PTR records you can either delete them one by one or using the Bulk Delete button. Keep in mind to save the file in JSON format and find the template by clicking Bulk Delete.

Note: Bulk tools only work for the selected subnet. Please create separate files for separate subnets. 

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