22 July 2021 | 1 min read

How To Manage Authorized Payments

Learn how to manage automatic payments for generated invoices.

In this Knowledge Base article, we look at the process of managing your authorized payments via the IPXO Portal.

First, log in to the Portal and go to Profile -> Billing -> Payment & Payout Methods.

Three steps showing how to access Payment & Payout Methods menu in IPXO.
How to navigate to the Payment & Payout Methods menu in the IPXO Portal

To set up authorized payments, go to Payment Methods. You can either choose to add a Credit or Debit Card, set up PayPal or set up payments from your Credit Balance.

Note: If you choose to add a credit or debit card or set up PayPal, your automatic transactions will be paid using this method by default.

How to create authorized credit or debit card payments

Click the +Add Credit or Debit Card button, provide the required card details and click Add Card.

Add credit or debit card pop-up with the Add Card button in the IPXO Portal.
Add Credit or Debit Card

Once you add a card, you will automatically set up authorized credit or debit card payments. The payments will be made automatically two days before the due date.

If you have any additional questions on how to manage your authorized payments, please contact our Customer Support team via help.ipxo.com.

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