17 December 2021 | 1 min read

Adding Subnets to IPXO From LACNIC

What are the requirements for adding LACNIC allocated subnets to the IPXO Marketplace?

IPXO is a fully automated IP address lease and management platform. To get the most out of it, make sure to get acquainted with the minimum requirements for adding subnets to IPXO from LACNIC.

Check the subnet’s WHOIS information 

Make sure the exact inetnum, which you are adding, exists in LACNIC’s WHOIS database.

Authorize IPXO to manage the subnet 

Authorize IPXO to manage the subnet. IPXO supports Reallocation as the only type of authorization for LACNIC-allocated IP addresses. Go to the LACNIC portal and reallocate the subnet to IPXO Ltd. OrgID: BZ-IPLT2-LACNIC (Organization). 

Check if the subnet’s inetnum status is accepted 

Based on the inetnum, perform the required action from the following table: 

NetType Action 
Direct Allocation Reallocate to IPXO Ltd. OrgID: BZ-IPLT2-LACNIC 
Direct Allocation (=/24) Unsupported 
Allocated Reallocate to IPXO Ltd. OrgID: BZ-IPLT2-LACNIC 
Allocated (=/24) Unsupported 
Reallocated (=/24)Unsupported
ReallocatedReallocate to IPXO Ltd. OrgID: BZ-IPLT2-LACNIC 

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