5 May 2021 | 1 min read

How to Delegate Nameservers in ARIN

Follow the steps to learn how to change nameserver delegations in the ARIN RIR.

Step 1

Log in to the ARIN Account Manager portal at https://account.arin.net/public/login.

Step 2

In the Dashboard menu on the left, go to IP Addresses -> Search and click your Network.

View and Manage Your Networks menu in ARIN's Account Manager.

Step 3

In the View & Manage Network menu, click Actions and select Manage Reverse DNS.

Actions menu under Network Information in ARIN's Account Manager.

Step 4

Select the Delegation you want to be announced on the IPXO network and click Modify Nameservers.

Delegations list and Modify Nameservers actions button in ARIN's Account Manager.

Step 5

Set Nameserver 1 to ns1.ipxo.com and Nameserver 2 to ns2.ipxo.com. Click Apply to All.

Nameservers list and Apply to All action button in ARIN's Account Manager.

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