23 July 2021 | 1 min read

How to Remove IPs From the IPXO Marketplace (IP Holder)

Learn how to fully remove IPs from the IPXO Marketplace.

When you verify your subnet, you need to set IPXO credentials. If you choose to remove IPs from the IPXO Marketplace, you also need to remove the credentials.

ROA and Route Object (IRR)

Please delete ROA and Route Object (IRR) with AS834.

You can check the valid ROAs of your subnet here or here.

If you stop leasing your subnet with IPXO, you can also delete all additional ROAs and Route Objects created during the lease period.


Delete/change the abuse-c contact from [email protected] to your own.

Nameserver delegations

Delete/change our nameservers ns1.ipxo.com and ns2.ipxo.com to your own.

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