23 July 2021 | 1 min read

How to Turn Off Auto-Renewal for Subnets in the IPXO Marketplace

Learn how to turn off auto-renewal for your monetized IP subnets.

Log in to Portal and go to My Resources -> My Monetized IPs.

Click the subnet for which you want to turn auto-renewal off.

A subnet list in IPXO's My Monetized IPs menu.

Click Overview to access information about your subnet and click Edit to change the settings of the subnet.

Edit button in the subnet Overview section of IPXO's My Monetized IPs menu.

Go to Auto Renewal, turn the toggle off (switches from blue to gray), and click Save changes.

Auto Renewal toggle in the Edit subnet menu in IPXO's My Monetized IPs menu.

You have now successfully turned off auto-renewal for your subnet.

Note: If Auto Renewal is disabled, the feature cannot be re-activated during the two-month period prior to the subnet’s expiration date. After the expiration, the delisting process begins.

If you need any assistance from IPXO, feel free to contact our Customer Support via help.ipxo.com.

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