2 January 2023 | 2 min read

IPXO Geofeed Guide

Use this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to learn how to change your geolocation data using your IPXO account.

How to change your IP geolocation record 

IP geolocation data is not always accurate, and you might notice that, depending on the database that the information comes from, your IP geolocation differs. This is due to the records that exist in these databases. 

The good news is that it is possible to change your IP geolocation record.  

Step 1: Log in to IPXO

Go to https://www.ipxo.com/portal/login, enter your login data and click/tap Log In.

Step 2: Access GEO Data

In the menu at the top, go to My Resources (IPAM) -> My Leased IPs -> subnet -> GEO Data.

Arrows pointing to GEO Data within the IPXO Portal account.
GEO Data menu on the IPXO Portal

Here, you can access the list of Databases that hold records of your IP address geolocation, as well as Location, Country and City information. The Updated column represents the date of the last update.

Numbered navigation around the GEO Data menu within the IPXO Portal.
GEO Data information on the IPXO Portal

Step 3: Update GEO Data

Click Update, choose the correct Location, Country and City and then click Update

The Update GEO Data request form within the IPXO Portal.
Update GEO Data request form on the IPXO Portal

Once you update the information, you will see a status of your request and you will be notified that your request is being processed. Note that 3 different statuses exist: 

  • Updated: The database was updated and you will receive a confirmation email
  • Pending: We are matching the provided details to subnet traceroute results to check if the correction request is valid; once conformed, the status changes to Updated or Rejected
  • Rejected: The request was rejected and you will receive more information via email  
'Request accepted for processing' notification after the geolocation update is sent.
GEO Data request form processing notification and the current status

Note: By updating the IPXO Geofeed, you will not update geolocation databases directly. The geolocation databases will read our geofeed and might deny changes if the data does not match the request. Ultimately, all databases operate differently, and it is up to you to figure out how they change IP records. Also, note that we do not accept the more specific requests (e.g., for ISP, Domain or Provider), which you can request from the specific geolocation database directly via email or website.

When will my record be changed? 

Keep in mind that databases might not update their records instantly. The timeframe varies from database to database. Here are a few examples: 

  • MaxMind: Updates occur twice a week 
  • IP2Location: Geolocation data is updated on the 1st of the month 
  • DB-IP: Geolocation data is updated, on average, twice a day 
  • IPinfo: Geolocation data is updated every day 

IPXO has recently expanded its collaboration with additional geolocation providers and is working with a few more to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date data possible for our clients’ IP addresses. While the full ecosystem data is not yet visible on the IPXO portal, accepted geolocation update requests submitted via the IPXO website are reflected in the IPXO Geolocation feed. Below is a list of new providers that consume the IPXO Geolocation feed and their update schedules:

  • ipregistry.co: Geolocation data is updated every day
  • ipgeolocation.io: Geolocation data is updated weekly

And what if databases have updated your record, but a third-party website still has the wrong information? If that is the case, this website is likely to use a database with the wrong record. The only thing you can do is try to figure out which database it is so that you can request a record change. 

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