5 May 2021 | 2 min read

How to Prepare Your Subnet for IP Address Marketplace

Learn how to prepare your subnet to ensure that it is successfully verified in IPXO's marketplace.

If you want your subnet to be verified in IPXO’s marketplace, you must prepare your IP range for it. You can find all the required verification steps below.

Note: Some changes described below require the subnet to be placed in the marketplace for validation. Therefore, it is best to start the process by registering at the IPXO Terminal, adding the IPs to the market and then making the changes described below.

Step 1

Set the abuse contact (abuse-c) in WHOIS as [email protected].
You can learn how to set an abuse contact in ARIN and RIPE using these guides:

Step 2

Delegate the IP range to our nameservers ns1.ipxo.com and ns2.ipxo.com.
Note: You must add the range to the IPXO marketplace before performing this change.

You can learn more about this process using these guides:

Step 3

Make sure that your subnet is not listed in any abuse blocklists. IPXO’s marketplace will only accept clean IP ranges. If your subnet is blocklisted, remove it from the list before adding it to the marketplace.

Here are a few examples of websites that you can use to inspect your IP ranges:

Step 4

IPXO’s goal is to make the leasing of IPs as fast and easy as possible. We aim to make this an enjoyable experience for our clients, and this is why we employ automation to supervise and prepare the subnets.

To enable automation, you need to edit the WHOIS information of the subnets you have placed in the IPXO marketplace. Add our maintainer (IPXO-MNT) as the mnt-by attribute to enable us to automate IP resource management. If that is not possible, add us as mnt-lower, mnt-routes, mnt-domains.

You can find more information about this using the link below:

Additional information

When using LOA as your verification option, make sure to include that you allow your subnet/prefix to be announced under our ASN (AS834) by our company (IPXO LCC) in your Letter of Authorization.

LOA will also be required if you choose to use ROA and want your subnet to have network redundancy with load balancing in Chicago or Lagos locations. This is due to some Internet Service Providers requiring LOA to accept IP ranges.

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Support team at Help IPXO.

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