Lease IPv4 Instead of Selling

Add subnets. Lease them in minutes. Enjoy extra revenue.

Lease IPv4 Instead of Selling

Compare selling vs leasing IPs

Leasing your IP addresses provides you with recurring revenue while also helping other businesses grow. IPv4 resources are scarce, increasing in value each year. Lease, don’t sell your investment.

IP OwnershipCross markCheck mark
Recurring RevenueCross markCheck mark
Yield GainsCross markCheck mark
Total RevenueOne-Time43% Annual Gains*
*IPv4 lease ARR ($5.4** per year per IP), plus 25% annual yield gains on IP price growth
**Based on the current IPXO marketplace lease price

Leasing vs Selling Calculator

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Revenue from leasing & selling afterwards:

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Interested in selling IPs?

Use our leasing vs selling calculator to compare the price difference between the two. You can use our IPXO subnet cheat sheet if you are unsure of the exact number of IP addresses you own!

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    Example of revenue models

    Selling IPs

    $1,966,080 (one-time)

    /16 (65,536 IPv4) x $30* per IP

    Example of Revenue Models

    Leasing IPs


    /16 (65,536 IPv4) x $5.4* annually + 25% annual yield gains (based on market trends)

    $353,894.40 IP lease revenue
    $2,457,600 sell price after a year lease

    *Buy and lease rates for July 2021

    Leasing made easy

    Empower your business while leasing IPv4 addresses with unique features.

    What is IPXO

    IP address management

    Manage IP addresses from all RIRs with ease.

    Full Abuse Monitoring

    IP abuse prevention

    Dedicated abuse prevention team and best KYC practices.


    IP reputation

    Daily checks and direct reporting, IP reputation at the forefront.

    Recurring Payouts

    Monthly Payouts


    Full Technical Management


    Advanced Customer KYC

    Financial Reports

    Financial Reports

    ±5 Minutes Setup

    ±5 Minutes Setup


    IP Price Control

    ROA & LOA Management

    ROA & LOA Management


    Advanced Route Disruption System