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The IPXO platform offers flexibility for both IP lessees and lessors 

In 2017, hosting enthusiasts came up with an idea to bring professional web hosting services to organizations across the globe. As the company expanded, it quickly faced a need for small blocks of IPv4 addresses, a highly scarce resource that, recently, has been recognized as a commodity

Today, with an active presence in both Europe and the US, the web hosting company facilitates worldwide cloud infrastructures for organizations representing numerous different industries. It improves the way in which organizations scale on the internet, and it strives to provide the best support and ensure that every client finds the solutions they are looking for. 

The fast-growing company first required IP addresses to scale its own operations. After testing out the possibilities of IP leasing via the IPXO Marketplace, the company then switched to monetizing the IP resources that it acquired but was not yet using. This allowed the hosting company to appreciate the value brought forth by IPXO from two entirely different perspectives. 

The IPXO platform has provided the flexibility for the fast-growing web hosting company to both lease and monetize IPv4 resources as needed. If more IPv4 addresses are required to scale operations, IP leasing can provide a quick and easy solution. On the other hand, when the company has enough resources to share, it can quickly put assets up for lease and earn.  

Monetizing IPv4 resources hands-free 

IPXO has provided the web hosting company with the ability to monetize unused IP addresses hassle-free. Once it uploaded IPs to the Marketplace, they were instantly put on offer for thousands of IP lessees who have already passed all security checks. The company did not need to wait for results long, and, today, it successfully leases 100% of its assets added to the Marketplace.  

Due to quick and easy IP resource monetization, the web hosting provider can enjoy additional revenue without having to deal with complicated KYC checks, abuse mitigation issues or IP reputation handling. Our professional IPXO Abuse Prevention team performs real-time IP address monitoring and has set abuse prevention and mitigation mechanisms in place. This is how the web hosting provider can rest assured that IPs brought to the Marketplace will remain clean.  

Top IPXO benefits for a fast-growing web hosting company 

  • IPs from all RIRs 
  • Full technical management 
  • Advanced KYC checks 
  • IP reputation monitoring 
  • Professional abuse mitigation 
  • 24/7 professional support