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Leading Data Scraper Employs IPv4 Addresses to Power Innovative & Professional Services 


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IPXO provides timely geolocation updates and access to small IP ranges 

In just a decade, a little-known data scraping company has managed to evolve into an industry leader capable of innovating data extraction services. Today, the full-stack web scraping platform enables thousands of organizations to access the information that helps support their businesses worldwide. 

Over 100 experienced web scraping engineers work for the data company to ensure the best possible services. Undeniably, innovation is at the center of these services, as automation and machine-learning algorithms have been employed to take data scraping to the next level.  

At the beginning of the journey to leadership, the company faced the problem of sourcing IP addresses to support all operations. As fewer and fewer IPv4 addresses remained available due to the global IPv4 exhaustion, the resource became extremely expensive to purchase, especially when thousands of IP addresses were needed to scale.  

Luckily, the company did not need to worry about finding IP sellers or covering high upfront costs when it started leasing IPv4 addresses. Today, the IPXO Marketplace provides the data scraper with a wide range of subnet sizes and the ability to lease them from all five Regional Internet Registries. IPXO successfully provides the company with IPs from specific geolocations along with timely geolocation updates. 

IPXO facilitates effortless growth 

Today’s internet infrastructure still relies heavily on IPv4 addresses. Therefore, scaling operations without this resource is very difficult. IPXO provides the leading data scraper with the resources it needs to support its operations and continue growing in the years to come. 

Since 2019, the company has been making great strides in data scraping, and the company’s growth has been truly impressive. Already one of the biggest data crawlers in the market, the company is on the path to continue growing, and IPXO is ready to support the company with the IP resources it needs. 

At IPXO, the data scraper is supported by a personal Account Manager, who ensures that the company can continue leasing IP addresses and using all available features effortlessly. For the company, access to an experienced Account Manager is one of the top benefits of working with IPXO.  

With the support of professional IP leasing services provided by IPXO, the company can continue introducing innovations and improving the quality of services to guarantee quick and efficient data crawling and data extraction. 

Top IPXO benefits for the game-changer in data scraping 

  • Quick & easy signup 
  • IP addresses from all RIRs 
  • Instant provisioning 
  • 24/7 professional support 
  • Personal Account Manager 
  • Geolocation updates