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A Growing Number of Clients at Zappie Host Need IPv4 Addresses

Industry: HOSTING

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IPv4 leasing provides flexible opportunities for business growth 

As a leading hosting company, Zappie Host requires blocks of IPv4 addresses to meet its clients’ needs. First, Zappie Host announces IP addresses on the company’s infrastructure and then allocates them to clients who need resources for SSD cloud VPS and dedicated servers. Additionally, the hosting services provider needs IP addresses for the expansion of its own infrastructure.  

Due to the current IPv4 exhaustion crisis, buying large IP blocks is expensive. Fortunately, Zappie Host discovered IPXO – a fully automated IP lease platform that can provide the company with the required number of IPv4 addresses at a reasonable price. 

By leasing IPv4 addresses at IPXO, Zappie Host can extend the functionality of servers and offer a wide range of services to its clients. For example, the company is proud to be able to offer custom servers with a whole /24 range on a monthly basis. In turn, clients can quickly set up their own infrastructure using Zappie Host servers and utilize the IP addresses for their own purposes. 

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The double benefit of IP leasing: Different hosting locations and additional income 

Zappie Host currently leases IPv4 addresses from various geographic areas to offer hosting services in different parts of the world. To ensure efficiency and convenience, IPXO also provides Zappie Host with IP geolocation updates according to the company’s needs. 

By joining the biggest IP address lease Marketplace, Zappie can lease as many IP addresses as the company needs and then resell them with dedicated servers to its clients on-demand. When clients buy Zappie Host servers, they receive IP addresses, reverse DNS management, among other features that ensure a fast and easy server setup, to scale their own operations and infrastructures without fixed contracts. Ultimately, Zappie Host can successfully grow its business and generate additional income while fostering the growth of the company’s clients. 

Top benefits for Zappie Host 

  • Great communication
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Flexible IP lease conditions 
  • Instant provisioning 
  • Quick growth possibilities 
  • Automated and easy-to-use platform 
  • Easy payment process 

About Zappie Host 

Zappie Host LLC was founded in March 2015 with a defined mission statement – Taking Hosting Seriously. Since then, Zappie Host has expanded to different regions worldwide, with New Zealand and South Africa being the main locations.  

The company offers low-cost SSD cloud VPS, custom /24 servers, dedicated servers and colocation services for businesses that need reliable and high-quality hosting services. Zappie Host runs its own hardware on its networks to ensure comprehensive control of all operations.