Resource Certification

MAC Address: Media Access Control Explained

What is a media access control (MAC) address? How does it function? What is it used for? Discover answers to these important questions here.

A Comprehensive Guide to Network Routing

What is networking and how does it work? What is a router, routing table and the main routing protocols? We've got the answers.

Logical Link Control (LLC) and Media Access Control (MAC) Sublayers Explained

Discover what is the Data Link layer and how it is subdivided into Logical Link Control and Media Access Control sublayers.

OSI Model In Networking Explained

Uncover the 7 OSI model layers and learn why it is important in networking.

DDI Solution: A Comprehensive Guide

What is DDI and how does it integrate DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions? Find answers to the most important DDI-related questions.

IP Legacy Space Explained

It is estimated that around 35% of all IPv4 addresses make up the legacy IP space. What is it and how is it used?

AFRINIC: A Comprehensive Guide to the Regional Internet Registry of Africa

Learn more about the African Network Information Centre, where and how it operates, and how it was established.

APNIC: All You Need To Know

The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre plays an important role in the management of the internet. Keep reading to learn more about this RIR.

What Is WHOIS and How Does It Work?

Learn about WHOIS and discover the uses and benefits of this query and response protocol.

LACNIC: All You Need To Know

Internet number resources in Latin America and the Caribbean are allocated by the Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center – LACNIC. How does this RIR operate and what does it do?

What Is IP Reputation and How To Check It

IP reputation can help determine whether or not the requests sent from certain IPs are legitimate. But how is IP reputation determined? Why does it matter? And how to check it?

RIPE NCC: All You Need To Know

The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Center takes care of internet number resources in its service region. What does it do and what is it responsible for? Continue reading to find out.

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