Infographic: IPXO Q2 2022 Abuse Prevention Statistics 

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6 September 2022
Gustavas Davidavičius

A comprehensive view of the most common threats IPXO Abuse Prevention experts faced during the second quarter of 2022.

IPXO Q2 2022 abuse prevention statistics.

This detailed infographic reveals the types of IP address abuse most frequently reported to our Abuse Prevention team, the most common threats as well as the types of abuse our experts handle manually most often.

Spam replaces malware as the leading threat

When compared to Q1 IPXO abuse prevention statistics, spam has replaced malware as the #1 threat linked to IP address abuse incidents observed on the Marketplace. Spam also remains the threat that we handle manually on most occasions, although our rate of manual abuse incident handling remains low at just 6%. 

To learn more about abuse handling at IPXO, check out our Abuse Management page and download the free Abuse Mitigation white paper.  

2022 Q2 IP address abuse infographic

Q2 2022 abuse prevention statistics at the IPXO Marketplace.
Q2 2022 IPXO Abuse Prevention Statistics

About the author

Gustavas Davidavičius

Senior Abuse Prevention Specialist

Gustavas is a Senior Abuse Prevention Specialist at IPXO. He specializes in the abuse desk policies, as well as IP reputation upkeep on the IPXO’s IP leasing and monetization platform.
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