IP Geolocation Management

Ensuring The Right IP Geolocation Data

Our feature of IP Geolocation data feed is designed to empower businesses with clear data displayed on all feeds correctly.

How IP Geolocation Management Will Benefit Your Business?

With the increasing demand for geographically distributed networks, IP Geolocation feed allows organisations to efficiently manage and optimize their IP resources across different regions and data centers.

IP Geolocation data feed on IPXO platform leverages geolocation data to provide accurate insights into IP address usage, distribution, and performance across different regions. By incorporating this feature into IPAM workflows, your network managers can take effective further decisions on IP address assignments, geo-blocking, load balancing, and network optimization.

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Key Benefits of IP Geolocation Feed:

Optimised IP Allocation Data

IPXO’s IP Geolocation data feed updates information of IP addresses based on specific geolocation criteria. With timely geolocation data, platform users can see current location of leased subnets per some providers and manage their IP resources in the most effective manner.

Geo-blocking & Access Control

IPXO enables precise geo-blocking capabilities, allowing our platform users to control access to their network based on specific regions or countries. By utilizing IP Geolocation data, IPXO users can request geolocation correction by submitting new geolocation to IPXO Geolocation data feed that is scanned by particular geolocation providers.

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Load Balancing & Redundancy

With IPXO’s IP Geolocation management feature, your network managers can distribute network traffic across multiple geographically dispersed servers or data centers. By leveraging geolocation data, you can direct users to the nearest server, minimizing latency and ensuring efficient load balancing for enhanced user experience.

Insights & Analytics

By request, our Solution Engineers can provide our platform users with analytics based on our users’ IP Geolocation feed. You can receive valuable insights into IP allocation trends, traffic patterns, and potential bottlenecks, facilitating proactive network optimization.

API Integration & Automation

IPXO platform users can access API, enabling integration with other network management tools and automation platforms. Our Solution Engineers can help our clients to automate IP address assignments, geoblocking rules, and load balancing configurations, simplifying workflows and reducing manual intervention.

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IP Geolocation data feed is designed to empower businesses with clear data displayed on all feeds correctly.
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