IP Monetization

Generate revenue from your unused IPv4 resources

Whether you have surplus IP addresses or unused IP blocks, our platform provides a streamlined solution to help you generate revenue effortlessly.

Why IP Monetization Is Beneficial to Your Business?

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High Utilization Rate

IPXO platform ensures high utilization rates for your IPv4 resources, maximizing your earnings potential.

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Reasonable Earnings by IP Holder

Earning substantial income from your unused IP resources and optimize your revenue streams.

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Competitive IP Price

We offer competitive IP prices, allowing you to capitalize on the value of your IPs and earn more.

IPXO is a trusted IP leasing partner for businesses across 75+ industries

Use Cases

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    If you need a quick solution

    Short-Term Lease

    Learn how IPXO enables short-term IP lease opportunities, allowing you to monetize your IP addresses for specific durations.

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    Value We Bring

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    Our service is fully automated when the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is delegated. This automation streamlines the process of IP monetization, making it efficient and hassle-free

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    Reputable Clients

    We prioritize the trust and security of our partners. Through robust Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, we onboard only trusted lessees. In addition, we handle IP cleaning, ensuring a positive IP reputation

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    High Utilization

    Our IPv4 address marketplace is designed to achieve high utilization rates for IP resources, maximizing your earnings potential and optimizing the market value of your unused IPv4 resources

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    Check out the most frequently asked questions by our partners and IPXO users.

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    Consult the IPXO experts to find the best way to manage, sell, buy or lease your IP resources, and benefit the most from them.

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    Cover your full IP address management journey with top-grade technology stack based on transparent market practices and compliance

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    Advance your IP asset knowledge

    Our team is ready to audit and consult you with the best business solution possible.

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    Assure security and reputation

    Get a non-stop monitoring of your IPs health and ensure positive IP Reputation.

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    Unlock IP related revenue

    Gain substantial incomes from your unused IP address resources.

    IP Address Management Platform

    Manage your IPs in one place

    Gain insight into your key IP management related opportunities.