IP portfolio management

Generate income from your unused IP resources

With our stress-free IP address management solution, you can maximize the utilization of your IP address portfolio and achieve higher returns on your investment.

Why Choose IPXO for IP Portfolio Management?

Stress free IP management chart
Stress-free IP Management

Our team of experts takes care of all aspects of IP portfolio management, allowing you to focus on your core business without any hassle.

IP Address Management Tool
Average IP Portfolio Lease Utilization >90%

We have a proven track record of achieving high utilization rates for IP portfolios, ensuring that your resources are effectively utilized to generate revenue.

Chart illustrating IP Portfolio Management ROI
Higher ROI

Expect higher returns on your IP investments compared to regular platform users. Specific ROI figures will be provided based on your portfolio.

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Insightful Earnings and Abuse Stats Reports

We provide regular reports on your IP portfolio earnings and abuse statistics, giving you valuable insights into the performance of your assets

IPXO is a trusted IP leasing partner for businesses across 75+ industries

How IP Portfolio Management Will Benefit Your Business?

Our active IPv4 portfolio management service ensures that your IP address resources are utilized at a higher rate than the marketplace average, resulting in sustained revenue growth over time compared to regular platform users.

Technical IP Management

RPKI Delegation

We handle the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) delegation process, ensuring secure IP address management

ROA Creation

Our team assists in creating Route Origin Authorization (ROA) records to enhance the security and integrity of your IP resources

Full Abuse Observability

We conduct IP reputation scans post-lease and clean your IP addresses from blocklists to  maintain a positive reputation

Commercial IP Management

IP Price Management

We manage the pricing of your IP resources within the price ranges specified by IP holders, maximizing their value

Dedicated Sales Team

Our experienced sales team works tirelessly to provide you with the best scenario for your IP assets monetization goals

Trusted Client IP Block Leasing

We facilitate the leasing of your IP blocks to trusted clients, ensuring secure transactions and reliable revenue streams


Monthly Abuse Stats Report

Get detailed abuse statistics to stay informed about the performance of your IP portfolio

Monthly Earnings Report

Receive regular reports on the earnings generated from your IP address assets

Quarterly Business Review

Get a quarterly business review  highlighting key insights and opportunities for growth

IP Address Management System


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Cover your full IP address management journey with top-grade technology stack based on transparent market practices and compliance

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Advance your IP asset knowledge

Our team is ready to audit and consult you with the best business solution possible.

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Assure security and reputation

Get a non-stop monitoring of your IPs health and ensure positive IP Reputation.

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Unlock IP related revenue

Gain substantial incomes from your unused IP address resources.

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Manage your IPs in one place

Gain insight into your key IP management related opportunities.