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Deft Confidently Monetizes Its Valuable IP Space


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Building a trusted IP address space – a shared goal 

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are at the core of every business. Knowing this, Deft has been working for over two decades to build a global network and IP space that its clients can trust. Deft chose to monetize its unused IP address space via IPXO – a fully automated IP lease platform that shares the same values.  

For Deft, monetizing unused IP assets is the optimal solution for two simple reasons. First, the company can secure a recurring revenue stream for the resources it does not use. Second, by adding its /24 and /23 subnets to the IPXO Marketplace, Deft empowers numerous businesses to use critical assets to scale their operations.   

At Deft, our ethos is one of service – to help others and to leave the world a better place. We continuously strive to optimize resource utilization as everything is finite. IPXO helps us achieve this outcome with our IP space when it would not otherwise be possible.
Chris Rechtsteiner
VP of Marketing, Deft

Professional abuse management and quick IP resource retrieval 

The IP address space owned by Deft continues to increase in value every year. That is because IPv4 addresses are a finite resource, and the demand for it keeps growing. To support its entire client base and the needs of individual clients, Deft must maintain a healthy IP address space. 

To ensure that IPv4 addresses can continue to support clients and bring in revenue, it is crucial to maintain their health. For Deft, IPXO is the perfect partner because of the rigorous abuse prevention and IP reputation monitoring practices in place. The company strongly values IPXO’s efforts to maintain the quality of the IP address space up until its retrieval from the Marketplace. 

Deft also highlights the ease with which IP addresses can be removed from the lease pool. This ensures Deft can continue supporting its clients with clean IP resources when needed and bring the IPs back to the lease market once the resources are no longer in use.  

With IPXO’s easy retrieval process and professional abuse management efforts, Deft has been able to monetize more IPs: “We have put a significantly larger percentage of our unused IP space in the lease pool than we anticipated.” 

Top benefits for Deft

  • Professional IP address abuse management 
  • Around-the-clock IP reputation monitoring 
  • Advanced KYC checks for lessees 
  • Easy setup and instant provisioning 
  • Quick IP retrieval from the Marketplace 
  • 24/7 helpdesk & full technical management

About Deft 

Founded in 2000, at the beginning of the new millennium, Deft (formerly known as ServerCentral Turing Group) was clear about its mission from the get-go: To deliver on the promise of technology. In over two decades, Deft has expanded globally and now operates data centers across the US, Europe, Asia and South America. 

With the goal to humanize technology, Deft is adamant about learning from clients and listening to their needs carefully to provide personalized solutions. Deft’s top services – Colocation, Managed Cloud Services, Network Connectivity and Disaster Recovery – are tailored for every individual client to offer exactly what they need.