Fully Automated IP Address Lease & Monetization Marketplace

An IP address marketplace that helps lease and monetize unused IP resources and alleviates the IPv4 shortage problem. We provide our clients with a full automation stack that ensures accessibility and innovative solutions for all.

IP Monetization

IP Monetization

Monetize your unused IP addresses and start collecting revenue. You can set and forget your IPs, while IPXO does all the heavy lifting. No additional human resources required.

IP Lease

IP Lease

Lease IP addresses for your business and scale worldwide at competitive prices. IPXO’s full automation stack was developed to ensure that all IP lessees are in full control.

Monetize and lease IP addresses in three simple steps

  • IP Monetization
  • IP Lease

Import and authorize subnets

Step 1

Import and authorize subnets

Customize subnet preferences

Step 2

Customize subnet preferences

Set your own subnet pricing

Step 3

Set your own subnet pricing

Turn your unused IPv4 resources into profit

Thanks to IPXO’s set-and-forget model, monetizing IPs has never been easier. Join the IPXO marketplace and enjoy a fully automated IP address setup that enables you to earn money for unused IPs.

IP Address Management

Automated payouts

Once you add IPs to the IPXO marketplace, you don’t need to worry about collecting your earnings. Choose the desired payout method, and your earnings will be transferred automatically. Set up a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or custom payout cycle. Receive your earnings via Bank Transfer or as Credit Balance.

Abuse Management

Abuse management

IPXO’s abuse team works tirelessly to prevent IP abuse incidents. All customers are audited before joining the IPXO marketplace to ensure that only reputable IPs are brought in. Automated abuse reporting is set in place, and our team performs real-time monitoring to handle all abuse cases promptly.

Easy management

Easy management

Assigning & removing IP addresses has never been easier. With IPXO’s IPAM solution, you can manage & monitor IP assets quickly and effortlessly. Use our custom IPAM dashboard to manage your IP resources, set the desired price & lease time and check WHOIS information. Our easy management solutions provide full control.

Lease millions of IP addresses with ease and full control

When you join the IPXO marketplace, you are in full control of what IPs you lease. You can choose assets according to price, RIR and geolocation. IP assets are crucial in supporting the infrastructure of any business, and we have plenty of reputable lessors who are ready to lease the IP addresses you need.

Cost efficiency


Acquiring IP assets can be extremely costly, and a global IPv4 shortage only aggravates the issue. The good news is you do not need to spend a fortune on IP resources when you can lease them at low upfront costs. IPXO is fully transparent about all service costs, and you don’t need to worry about hidden fees.

Revenue Stream

Millions of IPv4 addresses in our pool

Find millions of IPv4 addresses in the IPXO address marketplace. Join us as a lessee and take advantage of the growing pool of IP resources available to you in any geolocation. Leasing saves you the time and money you would have to spend purchasing and justifying your IPv4 requirements to the RIRs.

Clean IP Reputation

IP address reputation management

The IPXO address marketplace offers reputable IP resources. To ensure this, we diligently screen all new clients and their assets. Only IP addresses that are not found in any blocklist, pass our rigorous testing. We monitor all IP assets carefully to ensure that no one can misuse them in malicious ways.

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