Features for IPv4 Addresses Monetization and Lease

IPXO combines top-grade abuse management and sophisticated IPAM to help you deploy IP resources with our white label solutions.

Delegated RPKI

Delegated RPKI

Issuing LOAs and ROAs can be a complicated & time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Delegated RPKI enables RIR members, like IPXO, to assume a certificate authority using delegated resource certificates. With delegated RPKI, we commit to providing secure services and preventing route leaks & hijacks.

IP Geolocation

IP geolocation

Coming Soon!

Want to change your IP geolocation? IPXO’s automated IP geolocation feature enables you to change IP geolocation without dedicating time to do it yourself. Place a request to change the IP geolocation, and our experts will take care of the rest. Take control of your IP geolocation with IPXO’s automated services.

Clean IP Reputation

IP reputation

You don’t need to worry about IP address reputation because IPXO automates blocklist scanning to assess IP addresses before & after they are added to the marketplace. Advanced reporting tools automatically monitor IP addresses to reassess their reputation and prevent IP deployment for spam, phishing or malware.

Abuse Management

Abuse management

Abuse management is at the forefront of our IPXO operations. All new clients go through rigorous background checks before they join the IPXO marketplace. Our abuse desk employs automated abuse reporting mechanisms and real-time IP address monitoring to ensure that only reputable IP addresses are in circulation.

DNS Management

DNS management

IPXO’s DNS management framework makes it very easy to manage existing domains as well as add new ones. With reverse DNS management, you can delegate your resources to our nameservers. PTR records are created alongside rDNS to help fight spam and ensure a smooth email delivery process.

IP Address Management

IP address management

IP address management makes planning, deploying & monitoring IP resources easy. With the custom IPXO’s IPAM dashboard, we can assign and remove IP addresses & subnets, register metadata, search for IP resources and assign them to clients without any fuss. IPXO’s efficient IPAM also integrates WHOIS management.