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Netwise Puts Unused IPv4 Addresses up for Lease and Enables Companies in Need of IP Resources To Scale

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We’ve found working with IPXO to be a straightforward and rewarding experience, which has allowed us to make far more effective use of our ever-growing IP estate.
Matt Seaton
Senior Manager

A reliable platform – the key to successful IPv4 monetization

With plenty of IP assets in hand, Netwise looked for a reliable platform to assist with the monetization of IPv4 addresses, a resource that has become a highly desirable commodity over the past decade.

Even though Netwise already had experience leasing IP addresses internally and directly to clients, the company was interested in joining a platform that could assist with additional IP monetization.

Netwise had no doubts about choosing IPXO as the company was already familiar with the platform before even joining it. Matt Seaton, Senior Manager at Netwise, shared that the company enjoyed working with IPXO across numerous IP projects in the past.

Ease of access & IPv4 shortage alleviation

The biggest advantage to our relationship with IPXO is the ease at which we’re able to provide subnets on lease to those who need them. Our IP estate is ever-growing, and IPXO enables us to lease a highly valuable resource while awaiting client use inside our network.

When Netwise brought unused IPv4 resources and set the preferred lease prices and terms, the IPXO platform allowed the company to address two significant issues simultaneously.

First, Netwise was able to quickly and effortlessly monetize unused IPv4 addresses, which enabled the company to unlock and secure a recurring revenue stream.

Second, by putting unused IPs up for lease, Netwise helped alleviate the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, a major problem that hinders many companies from scaling operations and expanding.

For Netwise, the “monetization platform has proven to be a fantastic tool.” Seaton also added that the intuitiveness of the platform “made the IPv4 monetization process very straightforward and quick.”

Top IPXO benefits for Netwise

  • Full technical management
  • IP reputation monitoring
  • Advanced customer KYC
  • Abuse report mitigation
  • Monthly payouts
  • Financial reports
  • 24/7 helpdesk

About Netwise

Founded in 2009, Netwise specializes in enterprise-grade IT infrastructure services, including mission-critical server colocation, rack space solutions and connectivity services. With data centers built and operated entirely in-house, Netwise retains end-to-end control over every aspect of the end service.

In 2022, Netwise is getting ready to open its third data center. In just a decade, the company developed three private design and build projects: London South, London Central and London East. The newest project is a 13,000 ft2 facility that will house 256 rack footprints.