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IPXO v1.1 (Aquamarine)

15 September 2021

My Resources:

My Leased IPs

  • Service termination. Termination of the service has additional functionality allowing to cancel the action. The service is terminated within around 30-60 minutes after clicking Terminate, and the action can be cancelled at any point before the complete termination. This functionality protects against unforeseen events when the service is terminated unintentionally

My Monetized IPs

  • Subnets list > Column Monetized IPs: This column providers data on how may Ips within each subnet have been leased
  • Subnet overview > Subnet validation: It is possible to Resend the ownership confirmation email; applies to statuses Authorization failed and Authorization pending
  • Subnet overview > Subnet validation: The Ownership Confirmation section displays the email address to which the ownership confirmation email was sent

IPXO v1.0 (Aquamarine)

31 August 2021

Register & Log In to Portal. Main features:

  • Register & Log In with Email, Google, Heficed. Users who already have a Heficed account can log in to IPXO using the Heficed login
  • Phone verification for new users and changed phone numbers
  • Password reminder
  • Two-factor authentication functionality. This extra security measure requires you to verify your identity using a randomized 6-digit code that is sent via Google Authenticator or Duo

User settings. Main features:

  • View and change user’s profile data: first name, last name, country, phone number. When a phone number is changed, it must be verified. Due to this, phone verification is required
  • Subscribe to IPXO news. Get the latest news about IPXO
  • Enable/Disable Two-factor authentication. This extra security measure requires you to verify your identity using a randomized 6-digit code that is sent via Google Authenticator or Duo
  • Manage App Permissions: Google, Heficed. Enable or disable permissions for user authentication using application logins
  • Create and manage companies. Add the logo of the company, edit existing companies, change the default company
  • Full Compliance of the Company. Compliance is the declaration of subnet usage
  • Invite users to the Company and resend the invitation for users who do not accept it
  • View a list of permissions and actions of each permission. Only Admin permission is available in the Aquamarine version

Billing. Main features:

  • View a list of invoices, make a payment for unpaid invoices, download PDFs of invoices. Subscribe to IPXO news. Get the latest news about IPXO
  • Payment methods. Pay for subnets using a Credit or Debit card or Credit Balance
  • Payout methods. Receive earnings from leased IPs using Bank Transfer or Credit Balance


IPXO Marketplace makes it easy to search for subnets using basic and advanced filters. Find and buy the subnets you require.

  • Search Subnets by subnet size, RIR and price using Basic search
  • Search Subnets by octet and location using Advanced search
  • Search for IPXO offers. Buy the subnets available in the Marketplace
  • See the Geo Data of each subnet. Geo Data providers: MaxMind, IP2Location, IPinfo, DB-IP
  • Add subnets in the cart and buy subnets using a Credit or Debit card or Credit Balance. Add subnets and LOA to the same cart and make one payment

Monetize IPs

Start monetizing IPs via the IPXO Marketplace in just four steps.

Step 1. Import & Authorize

  • Add subnets from RIPE and ARIN (LACNIC, APNIC and AFRINIC will be implemented in later versions. Subnets from these RIRs are currently available via Heficed)
  • Import up to 100 subnets at once

Step 2. Set up one or multiple subnets

  • Split subnet
  • Select subnet expiration period
  • Enable auto-renewal. The subnet will be automatically renewed for an additional 12-month period two months before the expiration date
  • Enable the Hide from Marketplace feature

Step 3. Set up pricing for one or multiple subnets

Step 4. Finalize

  • Review the details of the added subnets, read & accept the Terms of Service

Once you add a subnet to the Marketplace, it goes through a validation process. Once the subnet is validated, it becomes available in the Marketplace.

My Resources:

My Leased IPs

Access the records of your leased IPs and manage IPs using one menu.

  • Review ordered subnets
  • Assign one or multiple subnets to a specified AS
  • Revoke one or multiple assigned subnets
  • Download invoice and LOA
  • Make a payment for unpaid subnets
  • Review main subnet details (e.g., assignment details, price, Geo Data, expiration date)

My Monetized IPs

Access the records of your monetized IPs. Add and manage IPs using one menu.

  • Review added subnets
  • Check the validation status of each subnet
  • Manage subnet setup and pricing
  • Track how many IPs are leased and how much earnings you receive

Support and communication

  • Report a problem to the IPXO Support team
  • Check the validation status of each subnet. Start a conversation with the IPXO Support team using live chat
  • Access IPXO Knowledge Base and discover useful information related to IPXO
  • Join the IPXO Public Slack community to leave your feedback or feature requests