March 6, 2024


Management > Routing > RPKI management

  • RPKI management allows viewing of Issued ROAs, ROA suggestions per all company (tenant) organisations, per selected organisation or per selected prefix. Each level enables user to analyse its resources in a more specific way. Views per all organisations give an overview of the amount of resources and RIR distribution.

Management > Discovery

  • We introduced a new RIR to the discovery process – AFRINIC. It is now possible to discover resources from RIPE, ARIN, APNIC and AFRINIC.

Management > API > Internal IP Address Management API

  • Internal IP Address Management

    This API empowers you to take control of your internal IP addresses by providing a seamless mechanism for creating custom metadata. By harnessing the power of custom metadata, you can elevate your resource categorization and streamline the way you manage your network infrastructure.

Marketplace > My Monetized IPs

  • Implemented the option to modify subnet split size for leased subnets. Please note that this change will only apply when the subnet is returned to the Marketplace; already leased subnets remain unaffected.

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