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Join the world’s largest IP address lease platform and access the resources you need despite the global IPv4 exhaustion.

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IPv4 leasing can answer your business needs!

With low upfront investment and quick provisioning of more than 3 million IPs, IP leasing is the easiest way to scale your operations.

Unlock extra benefits

Unlock extra benefits

IPs from all Regional Internet Registries

Whether you need IPs from APNIC, RIPE NCC or any other RIR. Whether you need lots of /24s or a single /16. We can provide you with rich subnet availability.

Automated IP management
Security via RPKI management

Scale at a fraction of the cost

Amount of IPs / Subnet

/24 /23 /22 /21 /20 /19 /18 /17 /16
Subnet IP

Buying price

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Lease at low upfront costs & scale quickly

We ensure professional 24/7 support, IP address management and abuse prevention so you can plan your business growth without worries!

Due to the current IPv4 exhaustion crisis, buying large IP blocks is expensive. Fortunately, Zappie Host discovered IPXO who can provide us with the required number of IPv4 addresses at a reasonable price.

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Expert abuse prevention
  1. 85+ blocklists in use
  2. Real-time IP monitoring
  3. RPKI management
  4. Incident reporting & prevention
Professional support
IP address management

Certified and accredited providers

How to start leasing IP addresses

It takes just a few minutes to register an account at the IPXO Marketplace – the world’s first fully automated IP lease and monetization platform.

Start leasing IPs in three simple steps:

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Search our pool of 3M+ IPv4 addresses

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Choose any subnet (/16-/24) you want

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Assign IPs to any infrastructure

Start leasing instantly

Manual provisioning
45 min
Automated leasing via IPXO
3 sec
Automated ​ IP Management​Cross markCheck mark
Manual sheet ​management ​Check markCross mark
Error-freeCross markCheck mark
Monthly ​ procurement process​Check markCross mark
Ability to find many IP addresses at once ​Cross markCheck mark
Ability to find very ​low number of IP addresses ​Cross markCheck mark
Low prices for ​ small subnet prices ​Cross markCheck mark

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