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Bring Your Own IP to Google Cloud

Paying for IP resources to use the Google Cloud infrastructure can be expensive, but if you choose the BYOIP option, you can achieve significant savings.

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IP addresses – an integral part of the Google Cloud infrastructure

Google Cloud provides customers with an array of tools designed to facilitate data management, cloud computing and machine learning operations.

Businesses can utilize Google’s infrastructure to bring services to their own customers without needing to invest in their own hardware, software and networking components.

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Lease from Google Cloud or BYOIP?

To utilize the infrastructure, clients may choose to pay for Google Cloud IP address ranges. Luckily, Google Cloud’s BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP) policy enables businesses to save money by utilizing owned IPs or the IP address space leased externally.

Google Cloud’s BYOIP enables both large enterprises that have unused IPs and small companies that are interested in cutting costs to use the full potential of the Google Cloud infrastructure.

IPXO is a trusted IP leasing partner for businesses across 70+ industries

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Leasing IP addresses through IPXO is cheaper

At $2.88 per IP per month, Google Cloud’s IP price is quite steep. However, you can enjoy the benefits offered by the infrastructure and expand your services even if you cannot cover this high IP charge.

The IPXO Marketplace offers a unique opportunity to lease IP address blocks and bring them to the Google Cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

So much more than just increased savings!

When you join IPXO and start leasing IP addresses to use them on Google Cloud, you not only get better pricing but also can enjoy many additional features:

  • Get IPs from any Regional Internet Registry
  • Manage WHOIS and geolocation data
  • Enjoy automated ROA and LOA management
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Google Cloud’s IP costs vs. IPXO’s IP lease costs

Discover how much you can save by leasing IPs via IPXO compared to paying for IPs supplied by your infrastructure provider.

Enter your IP address count or subnet size

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Subnet IP
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Price per IP offered by your infrastructure provider vs. IPXO*

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Google Cloud

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Best Value

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12 months


1 month

12 months

*Based on the current average lease price per IP

Not sure where to start?

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