AWS BYOIP: Cost Saving Solution

Public IP addresses provided by Amazon Web Services can be costly, especially with the newly implemented $0.005 per IP per hour charge. Fortunately, you can avoid this expense entirely by leasing subnets from IPXO and utilizing BYOIP feature.

Use Cases


Data Mining

Client leased 5,632 IPs at $0.45 per IP/month for AWS infrastructure, achieving $216,000 in annual savings compared to AWS’s $3.56 per Public IP/month.



Client leased approximately 20,000 IPs and, by leveraging AWS BYOIP, saved $60,000 each month, leading to annual savings of $720,000.


Crypto Trading

Client leased 7,168 IPs at $0.43 per IP per month and utilized AWS BYOIP, resulting in approximately $22,000 in monthly savings and $264,000 in annual savings.

*Calculations are based on leased IP rates versus AWS’s maximum usage prices and may vary with usage and market rates.

AWS Public IP costs vs. IPXO’s IP lease costs

Discover how much you can save by leasing IPs via IPXO compared to paying for IPs supplied by your infrastructure provider.

Enter your IP address count or subnet size222

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Subnet IP
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Price per IP offered by your infrastructure provider vs. IPXO*

1 month

12 months

AWS Public IPs

1 month

12 months

Best Value

1 month

12 months


1 month

12 months

*Based on the current average lease price per IP

Unlock full potential with IPXO

If your organization doesn’t own any subnets, you can still take advantage of Amazon BYOIP by seamlessly integrating IPs leased from IPXO. This approach provides more control over resources while offering significantly lower costs.

You can integrate up to 5 of your leased IPv4 or IPv6 address ranges per region directly into your AWS account.

Ensure longevity & stability of leased IP resources

Lease as many IP addresses as you require to utilize the full potential of Amazon services without paying a fortune and ensure stability with IPXO Commitments feature.

IPXO allows you to lease subnets long-term and bring them to AWS infrastructure to use at no additional cost. By leveraging IPXO Commitments, you can secure long-term contracts at customized prices, ensuring a fixed budget for a defined period.

Easy setup with IPXO expertise

Although setting up Amazon BYOIP with IPXO subnets is as straightforward as it gets, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

We’ll equip you with detailed insights on how to properly prepare your leased subnets for AWS integration, and our team is always on hand to provide assistance, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup for AWS infrastructure.

IPXO is a trusted IP leasing partner for businesses across 70+ industries

So much more than just increased savings!

Joining IPXO to lease IP addresses for Amazon infrastructure not only offers you better pricing but also grants access to many additional features:

  • No RIR membership required to use AWS BYOIP
  • IPXO team will handle ROA’s for for you

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