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Bring Your Own IPs to IBM Cloud

Did you know you can bring your own IPs (BYOIP) to the IBM Cloud infrastructure without owning IP addresses? Enjoy the infrastructure and save money with leased IPv4s.

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Expanding with IBM Cloud

From machine learning to analytics. From automation to security solutions. The IBM Cloud infrastructure offers tools that can ensure digital transformation for any business.

At the heart of the infrastructure lie IP addresses, which ensure that different cloud computing services can be enjoyed by anyone interested in exploring them.

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IPXO Marketplace + IBM Cloud’s BYOIP – an amazing opportunity for growth

IBM Cloud offers two different ways in which to enjoy the infrastructure fully. You can either pay for the IP addresses supplied by the provider, or you can explore the BYOIP (bring your own IP) functionality.

With BYOIP, you can bring your own resources and use them to access all IBM Cloud services. Where to get such resources? Turn to IPXO, the world’s largest IP marketplace.

IPXO is a trusted IP leasing partner for businesses across 70+ industries

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IBM IP price vs. IPXO lease price

If you decide to pay for IBM Cloud IP ranges, you will have to pay $1 per a single IP address per month. Compared to many other popular infrastructure providers, this is a relatively small charge. However, it still is higher than if you were to lease IPs.

The IPXO Marketplace offers millions of clean IPv4 addresses that you can bring to any infrastructure. Competitive lease pricing ensures that you can save money while using the services that help you grow.

So much more than just increased savings!

When you join IPXO and start leasing IP addresses to use them on IBM Cloud, you not only get better pricing but also can enjoy many additional features:

  • Get IPs from any Regional Internet Registry
  • Manage WHOIS and geolocation data
  • Enjoy automated ROA and LOA management
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Leasing IPs via IBM Cloud vs. IPXO

Discover how much you can save by leasing IPs via IPXO compared to leasing directly from IBM Cloud.

Enter your IP address count or subnet size

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Price per IP offered by your infrastructure provider vs. IPXO*

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IBM Cloud

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Best Value

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1 month

12 months

*Based on the current average lease price per IP

Not sure where to start?

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