December 6, 2023


Management > Credentials

  • Our comprehensive overview empowers users with complete control over their credentials. They will need the credentials and the credentials secrets in order to manage WHOIS objects in the future. This overview centralizes all credentials, enabling easy viewing and management.


Management > Resources overview

  • IP Allocation Breakdown by Organization charts were added to give user more visual aids regarding his resources. This is particularly useful for users that have more than one organization as they will be able to easily check the % of resources in each and have a better understanding about the size of the organizations.

Management > Discovery dashboard

  • Detected announcements chart was upgraded to include even more data. It allows to dive into “More details” which shows the size of subnets by mask that are either announced or not announced. This gives a much better overview for the user about his resources and which of them specifically are announced or not announced.

Management > Subscriptions, Routing, WHOIS

  • Design screenshots (that are subject to change overtime) have been added across platform for all the below features, so that it gives a better understanding of what to expect in the future:
    Routing > RPKI management, IRR Management, BGP routes
    WHOIS > Overview, Objects, Internet view
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