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Rapid Growth at Absam Created an Immediate Need for IPv4 Resources

Industry: HOSTING

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Leasing IPv4 addresses is more attractive than buying IPv4 addresses

For Absam, leasing the IP resources needed for expanding the infrastructure is the more attractive option, and the company sees IPXO as the ideal partner that facilitates scaling via leasing.

The company requires IP addresses from all five Regional Internet Registries to scale globally, and IPXO meets the expectation. Furthermore, Absam appreciates the ability to lease subnet blocks of all sizes, lock in professional IP management and guarantee greater automation.

Moreover, leasing has proven to provide access to millions of IPv4 addresses instantaneously, which has enabled Absam to allocate IP addresses to customers as soon as they need them, ensuring service efficiency and, consequently, higher customer satisfaction rates.

Absam trusted IPXO’s innovative thinking, excellent reputation and transparency. As a result, the company found “the best IPv4 address lease and monetization platform serving the market.”

Top IPXO benefits for Absam

  • IPs from all 5 RIRs
  • Instant provisioning
  • Low upfront costs
  • Abuse management
  • IP reputation monitoring
  • Full technical management

About Absam

Founded in 2010, Absam.io is a Brazil-based corporate cloud platform with infrastructure in the southeastern and northeast regions of Brazil as well as Texas, US. The company provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for scalable applications of any size, inside and outside the country. Absam is built on three main pillars: safety, speed and solidity.

Absam has successfully served more than 1,000 customers and provisioned more than 50,000 servers. Currently, the company is preparing to launch its first data center to serve its clients. Absam’s goal is to increase the quality of services produced by websites, web systems, desktop systems, databases, blogs, emails, portals, artificial intelligence systems and chatbot systems.