Unlock Extra Revenue With IP Monetization

Businesses capitalize on their unused IPv4 addresses by monetizing them on the IPXO platform.

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IPXO is a trusted IP leasing partner for businesses across 75+ industries

Why do IP holders love monetizing their resources?

The IPXO Marketplace is the first fully automated IP lease platform ensuring quick, easy and secure IPv4 Monetization.

Unlock extra benefits

Recurring revenue

The decision to monetize unused IP addresses allows their holders to start generating new recurring revenue.

IP ownership
Protection against IP hijacking
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Subnet IP

Revenue from selling your IP addresses:


Revenue from monetizing & selling afterwards:

Lease period

12 months



Difference –


Lease period

36 months



Difference –


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Platform fee for IP holders

Access hundreds of lessees, provision your assets instantly and start collecting revenue. With a standard 5% platform fee for IP holders deducted monthly from earned revenue, you can enjoy a full-service IP monetization experience.

  • Payment management
  • Regular payouts
  • Financial reports
  • RPKI Management 
  • Abuse observability
  • 24/7 support
  • Managed LIR services
  • Instant provisioning
  • Advanced KYC checks

24/7 care for your IP resources

The biggest advantage to our relationship with IPXO is the ease at which we’re able to provide subnets on lease to those who need them.

Our IP estate is ever-growing, and IPXO enables us to lease a highly valuable resource while awaiting client use inside our network.
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IP reputation screening
  1. Monitoring 85+ blocklists
  2. Monitoring IP hijacking
  3. DNS monitoring
  4. Incident reporting and prevention
Network auditing
LIR management
Certified and Accredited Provider

How to start monetizing IP addresses

The IPXO Marketplace is the first fully automated IP lease platform ensuring quick, easy and secure IPv4 monetization.

Start monetizing your assets in three simple steps:​

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Register on the IPXO platform

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Set up your subnets

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Confirm your resources

Start monetizing

Get assistance to prevent abuse of your IPs

Empower companies worldwide to scale

Unlock the new revenue stream

IPXO Platform

Following MANRS compliance standards

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Automated Provisioning

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BGP Management

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Inventory Management

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Geolocation Management

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Data Management

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Abuse Observability

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RPKI Management

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rDNS Management

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IP Hijack Protection

Reap the benefits

IP reputation management

24/7 IP abuse monitoring

Recurring revenue stream

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