Monetize Your Unused IPv4 Addresses

Join IPXO in our mission to alleviate the global IPv4 address shortage.

Monetize IPv4 Addresses

Turn unused IP assets into revenue

Join the IPXO marketplace and start capitalizing on unutilized IPv4 addresses to drive income for your organization today. Put your IPs to work and unlock a new revenue stream.

Revenue Stream

Unlock a new revenue stream

Do not miss an opportunity to make a real profit with the assets you already own. Unused IP addresses do you no good, but if you add them to the IPXO IP address marketplace, we will find a reputable lessee that will lease your IP resources. Help solve the IPv4 shortage while receiving considerable profit.

IP Reputation

Maintain IP reputation

IPXO takes IP abuse prevention very seriously, and our dedicated abuse team is prepared to combat malicious activity immediately. Real-time monitoring and automated abuse reporting allow us to maintain your IP reputation from day one. Bring your IP assets to IPXO, and rest assured they are kept safe 24/7.

Protection Against IP Hijacking

Protection against IP hijacking

When you entrust your IPs to us, we do everything to keep them protected. IPXO implements RPKI to ensure secure BGP routing, which means that you do not need to worry about route leaks, hijacking or manipulation. Strong protection against hijacking helps secure your IP assets and maintain their reputation.

Quickstart guide to monetizing IPs

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Sign Up for a Business Account

Sign Up for a Business Account

Start your journey with IPXO today.

Import Your Subnets to the IPXO Marketplace

Import Your Subnets to the IPXO Marketplace

Transform your unused IP resources into a financial asset.

Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Start driving income for your business in no time.


The IPXO address marketplace supports a variety of major industries across the world in an effort to alleviate the global IPv4 shortage.

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